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The Adventures of The White Cat

Young Author, First Published Book at 10 Years Old!

A cat loses her collar in the snow and she wants to find a family. To her luck, she gets picked up by a boy and his mom. She goes out on a cold night to get some fresh air, but then the boy closes his window.

I wonder what happens next!


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Marnie Stearns

A little something about myself.

I am Marnie Stearns, and I am a 11-year-old author. I started writing when I was little. I discovered my passion for writing when I was 5. I wrote many short stories and I did my best to write as much as I could in my new book. I started writing this very book in school with the help of my ELA teacher Ms. Schaiberger. I was 10-years-old when I published this book, my first book! I also want to credit my family and grandparents for supporting me on this journey of mine.

I mostly write fiction books but I will also write non-fiction books too. I hope you enjoyed reading my new book!

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There’s always a family for you.

– Marnie Stearns

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